The Last

Suffered by a crave for love

Internal chaos kept on multiplying

Thought and body are being separated

Virgin Mary inside my eyes

Without denying iconoclasm

Self-righteous rain never stops

At the moment eye & eye cross

Brain will be morbidly infected

Your temperature will be poured

Infinite desert in the presence

No idea whether I’m dead or alive


Please give me the privilege to stain your purity

For feeling eternity among the moments

Peaceful blessing for mind

Inferno burning for body


No need for samples to love

Cold soups all around the city

Pitiful people satisfy with yucky foods

Two tastes mingle with each other

That’s the start of a vicious game

Cosmos in an inch-size will be created

At the moment insulting the origin of life

The ray flowing into night vision

Cuts all the circuits inside

No escape from foreordained destiny

That’s the providence of nature


Give you the privilege to terminate my insanity

No one can imitate your method

Built up imperialistic colony

Into this mind and body