Merry Merry Sweet Kiss ☆ Love Love My Prince

Your smile wont leave me alone even in the classroom

Such a ridiculous & shy feeling of mine is gonna explode

Youre a so wicked guy but sometimes

You give me profound & tricky words

My heart is annoyingly getting confused


Love is blind, but thats enough

Ill say goodbye to my coward myself

& Ill dive into you without hesitation

Cos this is a chance my Lord gave me


Merry merry sweet kiss

I want you to hold my affections

May my love reach you!

And I wish youd make love with me

Love love my prince

Im your Cinderella my glass shoes are yours

Please take me to a dream with your kiss

Hold me and never let me go


I tried to hug a warm arm right to me

You look so kawaii :^) trying to undo embarrassingly

Your shyness is visible enough to my eyes

But, you know, I got much more embarrassed than you 8)


Interrupted words Freightening silence

Controlling my drastic heartbeats

Ill tell you each of my words

This is my sincere love to you


Crazy crazy tender love

I want you to hold my everything

Surely my love never changes!

Im looking at nobody but you

Kiss kiss me please

Ive been dreaming to be your princess

Please teach me happiness with your kiss

Hold me now & forever more